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21 Taras Book


A beautiful collection of images & praise. Written in both Tibetan & English. Translated by Erin O’Meara Pettis, with detailed illustrations by Lasha Mutual. All proceeds support the DECHEN TSEL & the Dipamkara Foundation.

Tricycle Magazine Cover

Tricycle Magazine Cover – Summer 2022

Order original Tara Swift and Heroic (Pravira-tara) print:

Tricycle Magazine cover illustration for summer 2022.

Divine Beloved Oracle Cards

Divine Beloved Oracle Cards

Divine Beloved Oracle Cards written by Tosha Silver and illustrated by Lasha Mutual. Purchase directly from Hay House Publishing.

Tara of the Perfections – Kanaka-varna-tārā

Tara of the Perfections – Kanaka-varna-tārā. Original digital painting, 2022.

21 Taras

21 Taras

USD$155 36×24 inch Giclee Art Print

21 Taras
36″x24″ art print featuring 21 Taras including their names and attributes.

Lhamo Özer Chenma

Lhamo Özer Chenma – Divine Mother of Brilliant Light Rays. The 21st of Atisha’s 21 Taras is peaceful and white in colour. This emanation of Tara offers protection from the depletion of energy and vitality by replenishing life force and increasing longevity. She also safeguards the well-being of animals. Golden fish rest upon the utpala flower by her left ear. Original digital painting, 2022.

Ritö Loma Jönma

Ritö Loma Jönma – Noble Lady of Mountain Retreat, Clothed in Leaves. The twentieth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is saffron in colour and known for vanquishing infectious disease and sickness. Medicinal substances fill the vessel supported by her utpala flower, and her eyes restore and preserve the health of sentient beings with the light of the sun and the moon.
Original digital painting – 2020

Tara Dugkarmo

Tara Dugkarmo – Queen of the White Umbrella. The 19th of Atisha’s 21 Taras displays a semi-wrathful smile and is white in colour. This manifestation of Tara offers protection from nightmares and bad omens, perpetuating serenity and peace in their place. She also plays the important role of safeguarding the Dharma and those that teach it from discord and conflict. A white umbrella appears on Tara’s utpala flower. Original digital painting, 2022.

Maja Chenmo

Maja Chenmo

Maja Chenmo – Great Peacock Goddess, Pacifier of Poisons and Protector of Children. The 18th of Atisha’s 21 Taras is peaceful and white in colour. Tara Maja Chenmo provides the antidote for all forms of inner and outer poisons – from water, food and pollution to toxic situations. She is known for protecting infants and children and fostering their well being. Resting on the utpala flower by her right ear is a full moon marked with a rabbit. Original digital painting, 2021.

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