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Phagma Norter Drölma

Phagma Norter Drölma – Supreme Bestower of Riches. The eleventh of Atisha’s 21 Taras is orange/red and has a frowning, wrathful expression on her face. She alleviates the suffering of all types of poverty by providing not only material wealth, but intangible gifts such as joy, peace, compassion and enlightenment. A treasure vase filled with jewels rests on the lotus to her left. Original digital painting – 2020

Jigten Sumlé Gyalma

Jigten Sumlé Gyalma – She Who is Victorious Over the Three Worlds. The tenth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is peaceful and red in colour. This manifestation of Tara is adorned by a crown that emanates a brilliant garland of light, spreading joy to sentient beings. Her peals of laughter ring out, providing protection from worldly distractions that prevent practice, and a victory banner rests on the lotus blooming beside her left ear. Original digital painting – 2020

Sengdeng Nagchi Drölma

Sengdeng Nagchi Drölma – Green Tara of the Teak Forest. The ninth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is peaceful and green in colour. This form of Green Tara protects from the twofold eight fears (inner and outer): 1) elephants/delusion and ignorance, 2) lions/pride and arrogance 3) snakes/jealousy, 4) thieves/false views, 5) bondage/avarice and miserliness, 6) water/attachment and desire, 7) fire/hatred and anger, 8) demons/doubts. A dharma wheel is displayed on the lotus by Tara’s left ear. Original digital painting – 2020

Zhengyi Migyalma

Zhengyi Migyalma

Zhengyi Migyalma – Invincible Destroyer of Maras. The eighth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is deep red in colour and displays a wrathful expression on her face. This manifestation of Tara destroys the four principle maras: the Mara of Illusions, the Mara of Aggregates, the Mara of the Lord of Death and the Mara of Distraction. She eliminates criticism and harm, and is identifiable by the flaming vajra standing in the center of the lotus to her left. Original digital painting – 2020

Zhengyi Mithubma

Zhengyi Mithubma – Unconquerable Fierce Lady. The seventh of Atisha’s Taras is wrathful, dark blue and encircled by wisdom flames. Her commanding speech is praised for cutting through negativities and obstacles from internal and external sources – ending wars, subduing natural disasters and mitigating anger, attachment and doubt. A sword wreathed in flames is positioned above her utpala flower. Original digital painting – 2020

Jigjé Chenmo

Jigjé Chenmo – Great Fierce One Who Destroys Negativity. The sixth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is wrathful and dark red in colour. This manifestation of Tara protects beings from both internal and external negative obstacles, which arise in innumerable forms, such as confusion, memory loss and mental disturbances. A black phurba (ritual dagger) rests on the utpala flower to her left, subduing negativity. Original digital painting – 2020

Wangdü Rigjé Lhamo (Kurukulle)

Wangdü Rigjé Lhamo (Kurukulle) – Magnetizing Goddess of Profound Wisdom. The fifth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is semi-wrathful and red in colour. She is known for magnetizing all that is beneficial, but also accomplishes the remaining three actions of pacifying, enriching, and subduing. A bow and arrow is found upon her utpala flower.

Tara Tsugtor Namgyalma (Ushnishavijaya)

Tara Tsugtor Namgyalma (Ushnishavijaya) – Victorious One of Ushnisha Who Accomplishes Immortality. The fourth of Atisha’s 21 Taras is peaceful and golden yellow in colour. Her name is derived from spontaneously manifesting upon Buddha Shakyamuni’s crown chakra in order to teach. The vase of nectar supported by the utpala flower to her left indicates her ability to increase life force, vitality and longevity by decreasing imbalances and reestablishing equanimity. She also protects beings from scenarios of unfavourable rebirth.
Original digital painting – 2020

Moonlight White Tara (Chandra Kanti Tara)

The second of Suryagupta’s 21 Taras is known for her ability to eradicate infectious disease. Her glowing countenance is compared to the light of a hundred autumn moons and indicates the enlightened activity of pacification.
Original digital painting – 2020

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